BMS stands for Building Energy Management System and using its various elements, controls a buildings heating, ventilation, lighting and can monitor energy usage.

The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning within a building usually accounts for 40% of a buildings energy usage. If we then include a buildings lighting we get nearer to 70%. By installing a correctly configured BMS to control all these aspects we can control and reduce the energy usage of the building.

We breakdown the elements of a BMS into the following:

  • Management Level
  • System Controller
  • Field Device


The Management level is typically a PC driven piece of software that will give a graphical interface of the buildings HVAC and lighting plant. This allows a user to monitor and make adjustments to how the building is operating. These used to be/are based on 1 PC per site in an office within a building, however with today's technology there are various other ways of accessing these systems from any location worldwide using tablets, mobile phones and laptop computers.

The system controller (outstation) is a device which is the brains of the operation. This is used to connect to both the plant which is to be controlled, and the field devices are to monitor. We then engineer a bespoke control software strategy which runs within the device and operates the connected devices in the most energy efficient way with the needs of the building end user in mind.

Field Devices are comprised of many elements (temperature sensors, occupancy detectors, LUX sensors, pressure sensors, etc) and are the interfaces between the environment, the plant and the controller. These field devices are all networked together to control a buildings usage in the most energy efficient way possible.

We offer a full range of project design and management ranging from initial consultation and progressing through system design, installation, programming and commissioning, handover and post completion maintenance.

Every client will have their own very specific needs. We will work very closely together with the client to determine their requirements for the project and design a system to suit their own specific requirements.

We design and produce panel wiring diagrams, the drawing will be offered for approval and once approved manufacture will commence in our panel manufacturing facility.

Once the system is installed and commissioned we carry out a handover demonstration and if required onsite and offsite training to/for the client and provide full O&M documentation.

We pride ourselves in our work and always work closely alongside the client to keep the project running as smoothly as possible enabling us to meet deadlines with the minimum of fuss.

Once the project is complete and handed over to the client, our maintenance team are able to offer a full range of services from routine PPM to a reactive call out service

Product Advice & System Design

You can rely on us to give you unbiased and professional advice as well as designing a system tailored to your needs and requirements.

Installation & Project Management

Here at Astute Energy our project managers will co-ordinate the whole installation and project.

Servicing & Maintenance Management

Our team of skilled engineers can cover all scopes of servicing, we can respond professionally and promptly to reactive breakdowns as well as taking a proactive approach with maintenance visits to reduce the breakdown of your assets.

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